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Breathe the cleanest air possible

When you have your furnace and other duct systems cleaned, you are improving your indoor air quality, which helps increase the efficiency of your air systems.

Cleaning services you can depend on

Look no further for thorough, efficient cleaning for all your indoor systems, from fireplaces to boilers to dryer vents and more!


All of your cleaning will be handled professionally and will be completed using techniques and methods acquired over years of experience.


Call 701-258-7599 today to explore all of the options that are available to you.

• Dryer vents

• Air ducts

• Heating equipment

• Furnaces

The services you need, all in one place:

• Air conditioners

• Boilers

• Fireplaces

• Chimneys

Find all of the commercial and residential furnace and duct cleaning services you need at

Steam-Pro Dyna-Kleen, Inc.


Have all of your cleaning done by a company that is IICRC certified.

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